In Production

“Maschos – Beyond the Forest” Director: João Pavese Indigenous: Marcelo Santos Photographer: João Pavese and Emílio Mansur In the depth of the Peruvian Amazon live Indian tribes who have no contact with the outside world. One such group is the Mascho Piros. Nomads, crossing the forest in groups according to the seasons. In winter, they hunt in the forest, in summer they camp along the river banks. But the truth is that we know little about them, because they prefer to remain uncontacted. Although international laws do warrant Indians the rights to land, these laws are not being respected by the Peruvian government. The life of the   Maschos Piro is threatened. Oil prospectors   and illegal loggers are invading their land and bringing disease. And they will not survive unless this stops. The documentary “Maschos – Beyond the Forest” portrays this situation. Denouncement. Protection. Survival. Proof of existence. The film intends to make the public aware of the Indians from a different perspective,  to bring about a change of paradigm. Understand the importance of this last uncontacted   people of the world, the richness of their culture and social organization. UIrban society, by  aiming at  development at any cost, puts not only the survival of these groups at risk,  but also its own future.  After all, we are all human beings on the same planet with finite natural resources.